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Virus and Spyware Removal

Antivirus 2008 Pro Malicious Software and viruses are more common than you would think on personal computers. If your computer is running slower than normal, getting pop-ups from an antivirus you didn't think you had, or even messages claiming the FBI is tracking you, your computer may be infected.

There are many different types of malicious software that you can get on your system just by going on the internet. These include fraud antivirus infections, keyloggers, and other software that use scare tactics to get people to send money.

Keyloggers are programs that track the key strokes used on a computer, and one of the scariest forms of malicious software. Keyloggers don't show any sign of being on the system, but it can be running in the background gathering any information you input into the computer, including credit card numbers for online purchases. After it has gathered a sufficient amount of information, it will transmit the information to a third party (the distributors of the virus).

This, and many other types of infections are very prevalent and too scary to leave unaddressed in our technology-dependent lives. If you suspect a virus on your computer or want to be absolutely sure your computer is virus-free, we will clean up your computer and get it back to running as normal.