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PC Desktop and Laptop Repair

If your computer is acting strangely, slowing down, or not functioning at all, we can help. Our technicians have experience in many different fields and are able to troubleshoot and fix many different types of problems, from hardware replacements to repair of a corrupt Windows install, or even recovering data from a failing hard drive.

We also understand that your computer may have time critical importance. We can offer a priority service which gets your computer on a technician's desk as soon as possible. We can also offer alternative repair options that would get your computer back to you quicker than the typical repair would take.

Our highest priority is to get your computer back to you as soon as possible with care taken to have all the issues mentioned (and noticed while being worked on) fixed to the highest quality standard.

In some repairs cases, the repair would not be economically feasible, and in those cases, we will alert you immediately, and suggest an alternative, from buying one of our used computers to building you a new computer and transferring data from you old computer to the new one.