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Kiosk Construction
VGH Computer Services offers design, construction and installation of custom kiosk units suitable for a variety of applications, including interactive entertainment and Internet access. Possible applications include entertainment units housing game systems, PCs and televisions or monitors suitable for recreation rooms and large entertainment facilities, informational units containing displays for advertising or information dissemination, and interactive kiosks housing PC systems for information retrieval or Internet access.

VGH installed a gaming center for Washington State University's Compton Union Building Activity Lounge. This beautiful custom-built unit, made with custom maple cabinets and solid-surface countertops, houses eight complete game systems: two Nintendo Wii consoles, two Sony Playstation 3 consoles and four Microsoft X-Box 360 consoles. Eight 32" Sony LCD televisions provide video and audio, and the systems are networked for head-to-head and Internet play. Because of its central location in an open lounge, the cabinetry is reinforced and includes heavy-duty locking hardware to protect the electronics and cabling, and active ventilation is used to keep everything running cool and quiet.

VGH Computer Services can provide design services or work with an architect to develop units for any function or situation. Virtually limitless combinations of materials and finishes are available, along with a huge selection of electronics and hardware, including custom computer systems. Let VGH work with you to design a solution that fits your specific needs.