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Custom-built Desktops

Whatever your needs in a computer are, be it a single user home computer, workstation, high end gaming computer, or even a multi-user server, we can build a customer computer to match your needs.

The components we use are the best price/performance parts available on the market, keeping our prices as low as possible while delivering the best quality and performance. We continually evaluate components for flaws and performance issues, and prune out the ones that don't meet our expectations, finding others that can perform up to our standards.

When you begin the process of having your own custom computer built, we will ask you questions about where the computer will be located, what applications will be used, and others in order to learn more about your needs and determine which parts should be put in your new computer. Multiple monitors, 3D graphics capability (for gaming), audio output performance, and case size and style are a few of the characteristics that can be changed based on parts that we (or you) choose for your new computer.

If your custom-built computer requires service, you can bring it directly into our store and we will fix it as soon as possible. Our tech support is all in-store; we do not outsource tech support. All of our technicians are experienced in their field; they don't blindly follow guides to repairing specific problems.

Our custom computers also come with a free antivirus program installed. If you would like a paid antivirus installed, we will install and activate it so when you get your new computer home, you simply have to turn it on and you're ready to go. Unlike many manufacturers, we don't install any trial software or bloatware that would otherwise slow down or hinder your computer's ability to function. We keep the computer as clean as possible to give you the best computing experience we can.