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Apple Computer Upgrades

If your Apple® computer isn't functioning as fast as it should be, maybe it's time for an upgrade. We can evaluate a system and suggest ways to improve productivity like more system memory or installing a solid state drive. Fewer moving parts means a computer more resistant to falls or other movement, and less power consumption means a longer battery life.

We can provide system upgrades to help extend the usefulness of your apple computer. From simple upgrades such as installing memory in a computer to more complex upgrades like converting your computer to a raid configuration in order to provide data redundancy or more speed by utilizing multiple hard drives.

Some very common upgrades are upgrading RAM in a computer in order be able to run more apps at a time without slowing down, replacing hard drives with SSDs to make nearly every aspect of the computer faster, and setting up multiple monitors to extend the desktop space on your computer: giving you the ability to have multiple full-screen apps open and viewable at the same time. We can also install bootcamp or parallels in order to provide support for windows-only applications