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PC Hardware
VGH Computer Services offers a large selection of computer hardware and accessories, from hard drives and memory to networking equipment and monitors. If you have a special requirements, VGH can order nearly any component on the market.

We carry a large selection of keyboards, mice, cables, and many other peripherals; from standard office models to high end Razer gaming keyboards, mice, and headsets.
Among those peripherals, we carry headsets, joysticks, and even gamepads. With Razer's Chimaera headset, your immersion into the game will be complete; or with the BlackWidow Keyboard, your fingers will fly across the keyboard, able to react faster than ever.

With our large selection of computer cables at the lowest prices in the area, you'll be able to find exactly what you need. Ranging from commong cables such as HDMI and VGA cables to the obscure, such as PS/2 extension cables and adapters such as PS/2 to serial DB9.

We also carry all the components necessary to build your own computer! We have, in stock, Western Digital hard drives, Intel motherboards and processors, Kingston and Crucial ram, Antec cases, power supplies, and even thermal compound for the processor.

If you're not comfortable building a computer yourself, you can even pick out what parts to use and we can build it for you!