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Gaming Accessories

We carry many gaming accessories for both PC and console systems, including the Xbox 360®, PS3®, Wii®, and WiiU®. Our selection represents the highest quality brands in the industry, including Logitech®, Razer®, Turtle Beach®, Sony®, Nintendo®, and Microsoft®.

We have a broad selection of different keyboards to choose from, ranging from basic models to the most advanced mechanical gaming keyboards. The mechanical keyboards we carry have better feedback and less key-travel distance so you can type faster than ever. Many of our keyboards are even backlit, perfect for playing late into the night.

With many different high-precision laser mice to choose from, you can get a mouse that fits your hand just right. There are also many designs ranging from mice with 20 buttons, which make abilities more accessible in an MMORPG, to minimalist button configurations with on-the-fly dpi adjustment for first-person shooter games.

We even have a selection of mousepads that gives you the customizability in your gaming setup that you need, providing a surface with less friction to increase your movement speed, or more steady friction to increase your precision. All of these factors are important when creating a great customized gaming setup.

Beyond our PC gaming accessories, we also offer a selection of console accessories for each of the major consoles: PS3®, Xbox 360®, and WiiU®.

In addition to the console manufacturer's accessories, we also carry third-party brands that make high-quality products designed for the various consoles, such as Turtle Beach, Plantronics®, and Tritton®. Among these brands, you can find any accessories that you might need, from headsets and high-definition video cables for the WiiU, PS3, or Xbox 360 to chatpads and hard drives for your Xbox 360 or PS3.